Our Crew

Molly Marie is the founder of the theatre company. She has been doing theatre since she was about 6 years old playing an angel in a church play. Molly has always loved how storytelling can engage, encourage, and bring hope to others while bringing them together to think, have hope and feel welcomed. She has enjoyed performing in musicals, plays, and variety shows for about 18 years, adoring each aspect of theatre along the way as well as dipping her toes into commercial and print work. She has her Associate of Arts in Theatre, studied under splendid teachers at Kent State and Lancaster Bible College and R&J Ballroom. Molly has taught as a drama teaching artist with Stark County’s Artful Learning and Living as well as served on the board of Orville Community Theatre. She has directed multiple plays including The Diary of Anne Frank, Little Women and The Odd Couple. Molly has taught private acting lessons for youth as well. Her favorite roles she ever played were The Ghost of Christmas Past in A Christmas Carol. Faithful in The Pilgrim (Her Story), Emily Webber in Our Town and Corie Bratter in The Odd Couple. Molly’s hopes for The Luminescent Moon is to make everyone feel welcomed, luminescent and give everyone a chance to tell a story. She hopes to engage audiences and leave everyone feeling something of encouraging impact when they leave the theatre. She is currently on a break from the theatre and working on her own skills and performing in hopes to the theatre back better and more sparkly than ever before. She also loves astronomy. She is an Ambassador for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, works at a local planetarium and is and Earth Science Major. STEM is super important to her which you may see throughout her theatre. Our Lord’s beautiful creation is so evident in the cosmos. God is her Guide and she thanks Him for it all.


Welcome to Mama Crock, (aka Cindy). She will be joining the Luminescent Moon Theater Co. as our secretary helping uswith correspondence, finances, bookkeeping, schedules, etc. and be an all around assistant. Cindy works fulltime during the school year as a parapro at Northwest Middle School with a Multiple Disability Class. Working with children has been her lifelong vocation. Mama Crock has been married 26 years to Terry and has three of her own kiddos, Sam, Lucy and Molly. She will be a behind the scenes, but beautiful visible addition, to the Theater!

Thank you to past teachers, Abby Witherstine, Kayla Smith, Samuel Gonzalez, Cory Ott and Christine Affolter.


Cory Ott
Christine Affolter
Kayla Smith
Abby Witherstine
Samuel Gonzalez


Special thank you to Paul Maxhimer for his beautiful set building throughout the years.