About Us

Welcome to The Luminescent Moon Theatre Company. We believe God has given you a gift and we want to share those gifts and passions through storytelling and want you to see how luminescent he made you. We perform plays and musicals of all ages, of many genres from comedy to drama to historical to the classics and originals. We teach private lessons, workshops, and stay sure to help build everyone up that walks through the door. You are special. Our audience is special. Every single person is special so let us find meaning through the stories we share together.

Our first production was The Diary of Anne Frank in 2019. We began the theatre in Massillon. We were blessed to have been allowed to rehearse and audition at St. John’s UCC in Massillon. We thank God for that opportunity. We performed at the Lions Lincoln theatre the rest of the year for Cinderella, our kids workshop and A Christmas Carol. God then blessed us with our own building located on Federal Avenue, where we began private lessons for all ages. We teach confidence onstage, how to tell a story with emotion and movement and expression, growing a stage presence and building a character as well as voice. We had an improv workshop and puppet workshop to expand on what theatre can offer. We performed Little Women, Girl on the Moon, The Odd Couple and The Gift of the Magi. We then we’re blessed to move to Doylestown where we continued lessons, hosted a dance workshop and performed our first kids touring show, Little Red Riding Hood, performed Understanding Your Pets with Dr. Marla Brett, Waltz with Me, 12 Angry Jurors, Barefoot in the Park and our beloved variety shows.

We are currently on the move until we find a new theatre to call our home!

Thank you Daily Record for the kind article.